Established in 1990 and based in North London, we are an award-winning, independent design and branding agency.

We change behaviours, we deliver information, we engage stakeholders and we build brands. All through intelligent and creative design.

We are Bentley Holland.

Everything you ever wanted to know about graphic designers but were afraid to ask.

Do you know the most productive way to work with a creative agency? Is it territory you’re familiar with – or even comfortable in? The truth is, many clients have only a partial knowledge of how design agencies actually work. So, to help you get a better return on your investment, we’ve written a few short articles highlighting where a little extra information can make a very big difference.

These days, business is relentlessly competitive. A bewildering array of communication channels are all fighting for your attention. So much so, the danger is that you eventually switch off. Well, our job is to combine your customer insights and our industry expertise to shape a message that cuts through the noise.

Design and marketing is, in essence, simple; identify your audience, define your message, choose your channels and utilise your budgets. We aim to keep it that way.

So let us take the burden off your shoulders and make the communications journey an enjoyable one. After all, that’s what good brand partners do.


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